TYPICAL: A Knowledge Representation System for Automated Discovery and Inference

Unknown author (1987-08-01)

TYPICAL is a package for describing and making automatic inferences about a broad class of SCHEME predicate functions. These functions, called types following popular usage, delineate classes of primitive SCHEME objects, composite data structures, and abstract descriptions. TYPICAL types are generated by an extensible combinator language from either existing types or primitive terminals. These generated types are located in a lattice of predicate subsumption which captures necessary entailment between types; if satisfaction of one type necessarily entail satisfaction of another, the first type is below the second in the lattice. The inferences make by TYPICAL computes the position of the new definition within the lattice and establishes it there. This information is then accessible to both later inferences and other programs (reasoning systems, code analyzers, etc) which may need the information for their own purposes. TYPICAL was developed as a representation language for the discovery program Cyrano; particular examples are given of TYPICAL's application in the Cyrano program.