A Publish-Subscribe Implementation of Network Management

Unknown author (2013-06-04)

MEng thesis

As modern networks become highly integrated, heterogeneous, and experience exponential growth, the task of network management becomes increasingly unmanageable for network administrators and designers. The Knowledge Plane (KP) is designed to support a self-managing network, given the organizational constraints of network management, as well as to create synergy and exploit commonality among network applications. In this thesis, to build an Information Plane that is suitable to the requirements of the KP, we propose a publish/subscribe system that provides a clear and systematic framework for resolving tussles in the network. To evaluate the effectiveness of this design, we configured a network of PlanetLab nodes and conducted experiments involving a variety of file sizes and source-destination pairs. The results suggest that the system's performance is not only comparable to existing file transfer services, but that the system also introduces several performance gains that are unattainable with current network architectures.

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