Code for Java Libraries for Accessing the Princeton Wordnet: Comparison and Evaluation

Unknown author (2013-11-01)

This archive contains the code and data for running the evaluations described in: Finlayson, Mark Alan (2014) "Java Libraries for Accessing the Princeton Wordnet: comparison and Evaluation" in Proceedings of the 7th Global Wordnet Conference (GWC 2014). Tartu, Estonia, 25-29 January 2014. The archive contains five Eclipse projects (compatible with Eclipse 3.8.0) that may be imported directly into an Eclipse workspace. You will need a Java 1.4, 1.5, and 1.6 JRE to run all the code in the archive. Paper abstract: Java is a popular programming language for natural language processing. I compare and evaluate 12 Java libraries designed to access the information in the original Princeton Wordnet databases. From this comparison emerges a set of decision criteria that will enable a user to pick the library most suited to their purposes. I identify five deciding features: (1) availability of similarity metrics; (2) support for editing; (3) availability via Maven; (4) compatibility with retired Java versions; and (5) support for Enterprise Java. I also provide a comparison of other features of each library, the information exposed by each API, and the versions of Wordnet each library supports, and I evaluate each library for the speed of various retrieval operations. In the case that the user's application does not require one of the deciding features, I show that my library, JWI, the MIT Java Wordnet Interface, is the highest-performance, widest-coverage, easiest-to-use library available.

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