Improved Caching Strategies for Publish/Subscribe Internet Networking

Unknown author (2015-01-31)

MEng thesis

The systemic structure of TCP/IP is outdated; a new scheme for data transportation is needed in order to make the internet more adaptive to modern demands of mobility, information-driven demand, ever-increasing quantity of users and data, and performance requirements. While an information centric networking system addresses these issues, one required component for publish subscribe or content-addressed internet networking systems to work properly is an improved caching system. This allows the publish subscribe internet networking to dynamically route packets to mobile users, as an improvement over pure hierarchical or pure distributed caching systems. To this end, I proposed, implemented, and analyzed the workings of a superdomain caching system. The superdomain caching system is a hybrid of hierarchical and dynamic caching systems designed to continue reaping the benefits of the caching system for mobile users (who may move between neighboring domains in the midst of a network transaction) while minimizing the latency inherent in any distributed caching system to improve upon the content-addressed system.