PhD Thesis Proposal: Human-Machine Collaborative Optimization via Apprenticeship Scheduling

Unknown author (2015-07-02)

Resource optimization in health care, manufacturing, and military operations requires the careful choreography of people and equipment to effectively fulfill the responsibilities of the profession. However, resource optimization is a computationally challenging problem, and poorly utilizing resources can have drastic consequences. Within these professions, there are human domain experts who are able to learn from experience to develop strategies, heuristics, and rules-of-thumb to effectively utilize the resources at their disposal. Manually codifying these heuristics within a computational tool is a laborious process and leaves much to be desired. Even with a codified set of heuristics, it is not clear how to best insert an autonomous decision-support system into the human decision-making process. The aim of this thesis is to develop an autonomous computational method for learning domain-expert heuristics from demonstration that can support the human decision-making process. We propose a new framework, called apprenticeship scheduling, which learns and embeds these heuristics within a scalable resource optimization algorithm for real-time decision-support. Our initial investigation, comprised of developing scalable methods for scheduling and studying shared control in human-machine collaborative resource optimization, inspires the development of our apprenticeship scheduling approach. We present a promising, initial prototype for learning heuristics from demonstration and outline a plan for our continuing work.