Automated Code Synthesis for Modeling and Simulation

Aliyu, Hamzat Olanrewaju (2011-11-15)


We present Automated Code Synthesis for Modeling and Simulation, a MDA [1] approach to Modeling and Simulation with DEVS [2] formalism. The DEVS-Driven Modeling Language (DDML) [3] has been defined to ease simulation modeling and make simulation models amenable to formal verification. An Eclipse-based graphical editor [4] has been built for specifying DDML models and we have the SimStudio 1.1 [5], a Java implementation of DEVS simulation algorithms that can be used to execute DDML models. This project attempts to automate the generation of SimStudio codes from DDML models. By integrating these tools, we are creating a framework for specifying consistent platform-independent simulation models and generating platform-specific implementations.