Observatory System for Monitoring Hepatitis C Development in Nigeria

Idakwo, Patricia Ojonoka (2019-06-16)


Hepatitis C development is a public health concern globally; hence eliminating it has become a major public health goal by various countries. In Nigeria, monitoring Hepatitis C development with the view to eliminate it has faced several challenges such as lack of central national database on the virus, inadequate health intelligence and surveillance systems to monitor and control the incidences and prevalence of disease, manual system of health records collection, storage and access by majority of health care providers, and lack of synchronized records of existing and newly diagnosed patients. The aim of this project is to design and develop an observatory system for monitoring Hepatitis C development in Nigeria. The system will serve as a decision making tool for health care professionals for decisions regarding individual patient management, as well as public health professionals and the general public to enhance the development of public health policies and strategies.