The Calcomp Plotter as an Output Device

Unknown author (1967-07-01)

(1)CHAR PLOT (see AI Memo 125) has been modified for TS. [It may be found on MS4 with the non-TS version]. The following changes should be noted: CRKBRK (now called PLTBRK in the non-TS CHAR PLOT), SUBPLT (which is not needed since PLOTC can be called recursively), PP (ditto), LBUFF and LWBUFF (as the TS system does the buffering) do not exist in the TS version. CRKCHN, now called PLTCHN (in both TS and non-TS versions) does exist. The command 1110 ... (go to the effective address at process time) still exists, bit in TS return is with "POPJ P", rather than JRST 12, @ PLTBRK". The character codes 0 and 200 (lower case 0) respectively OPEN and CLOSE the plotter. (2) CHARPL SCOPE may soon be also so modified for TS. (3) SCOPE PLOT is unchanged. (4) None of the above TS routines can be used easily at present due to the lack of TS STINK.